Fundraise: Emergency in South Sudan

Partner with MAF to help us reach those facing crisis in South Sudan. Help us raise money for our ‘VIPs’.


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The need
South Sudan is in an overwhelming crisis.

The stats are hard to grasp… 1.95 million people displaced, 235,000 children severely malnourished, 6.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

The sheer scale of the human tragedy is unimaginable.

We need to remember that these statistics are real people. People like Simon. Watch Simon’s story, it’s incredible.

The goal
Our ‘VIP’ passengers are the key to bringing transformation to this part of the world, but they cannot access the remote areas without MAF. We partner with organisations such as Tearfund, Seed Effect, Christian Mission Aid and more, bringing help and hope where it is needed most.

We need people like you to help raise funds to support these flights and these ministries.

$100 effectively pays for a seat on one of our Cessna 208s. It allows us to subsidise an hour’s flight into a remote community. When you consider the flow-on impact that each flight has, we think you’ll agree it’s $100 well spent.

We have multiple resources ready to use for fundraising. We can give you VIP tickets to sell, prayer cards to hand out and a video.





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