Fundraise: Jerrycans of Fuel

It’s hard to imagine that a little jerrycan – filled with fuel – has the power to save a life.


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The need
MAF planes need fuel to do the incredible work they do, saving lives in remote places across the world.

Communities need flights but can’t afford them. With the cost of fuel rising, there is a greater need than ever to raise funds, so that we can continue to subsidise flights for those who need them most.

The goal
The need is great but our goal is to make it achievable by selling Jerrycans of fuel for only $50 each.

Every Jerrycan funded is 20 litres of critical fuel to MAF, meaning help, hope and healing can reach the most isolated and needy parts of the world.

They make a great gift and each purchase comes with a card to say thank you for saving lives.

We have Jerrycan cards that we can give you to sell for $50 each.





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