Recruitment pack

Help us inspire people to follow the call of God into the mission field by using the resources here.


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The need
One of the greatest needs MAF has right now is people to join us on the field.

We are facing critical staff shortages in many of the countries we serve. Programmes are increasingly under strain and stress as they deal with often increasing requests and diminishing resources.

We currently have significant needs in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea. Your work with this pack will – in time – translate into real people serving on the field.

The goal
Ultimately we need more staff on the field – staff that have a deep desire to serve Jesus and people in remote communities.

As you can imagine, it is a significant life decision and one that is not taken quickly or lightly. We have designed a 5 part email series called the “Online Journey” that helps people take that first step. It is a non-threatening series (that they can unsubscribe from anytime) that allows them to see what it may be like.

The goal of you taking this resourcing pack is to get people to sign up to this Online Journey.

We have developed a series of resources to inspire people to “Be Part of Something Bigger”. We have a magazine, flyers, posters and a video. These all push toward people taking the “Online Journey”.





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