Tell the MAF Story Resource Pack

MAF have an amazing story to tell and yet we meet people all the time who have never heard of us. Help us tell our story.


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The need
Throughout Australia there are individuals, churches and communities that would love to hear about MAF and respond to the needs we have around the world.

We need people, prayer and provision and that only happens when you use your voice to tell our story.

The goal
We have a big country and we have a goal to be the first organisation people think of when they hear about a need in a remote community. We want people to think, “What’s MAF doing in this situation” “How have MAF responded”. This will only happen if we get the story out.

Talking to your home group, youth group, local church or maybe even at a community event will raise that awareness and help us achieve that goal.

We have developed resources to help you tell our story, including a video, a magazine, two different flyers and a poster.





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