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Nepal Earthquake pack

Help us reach the isolated survivors of Nepal’s Earthquake. Your work in spreading the word about MAF’s operation in Nepal will generate much needed funds and prayer support for this operation. Our campaign page is here:


The need
Two earthquakes have now struck Nepal. The numbers are staggering – over 8000 people are dead and many thousands more badly injured. Homes and livelihoods have been completely destroyed.


But worse still is that there are many decimated villages that have yet to receive any aid at all. Why? Because no one can get to them.


Many NGOs and like-minded organisations are standing-by ready to help—fully equipped with supplies and personnel, but lacking one significant element. Transportation.


That’s where MAF comes in. And that’s where you come in.

The goal
Our team of 6 MAF staff are managing the logistics, bookings and facilitation of two, highly capable helicopters.

With some of the most experienced crew in Nepal, we are able to take relief workers directly into the places where the help is most desperately needed—where no-one else is going.

We need you to help us resource this effort. The cost of the operation is about $350,000 US. Other MAF countries are chipping in too, but it will take a big effort from all parties to help fund this.

More than that, we need prayer. The toll that an emergency operation takes on all involved is enormous, and we need to drum up as much support as we possibly can – to bring them to the throne of God for the strength and grace they need.

Below you will see that we have put together some resources to help you tell this story.

We’ve made a short video, a powerpoint accompanying a story from the work, a response form and a prayer bulletin.

If you need anything else or have any questions regarding the resources please call Chris Patten on 1800 650 169.




Resource 1: Video

See the video above. We can send this to you digitally for you to play at your church or group.


Resource 2: Powerpoint

We’ve put together a powerpoint outlining just one of the stories that have come through from MAF’s operations in Nepal. It’s the story of Silas.

Some of the photos can be viewed below and the story can be read here.


Resource 3: Response Flyer

This is a flyer for you to take into your group to ask them to respond financially to the disaster and help support MAF’s operations there. We will be able to send this to you in the post – just specify the numbers you’d like.

DL form - Nepal donation(R)  DL form - Nepal donation(R)2


Resource 4: Prayer bulletin

We need all the prayer we can get at the moment. Below is a bulletin of the most recent prayer points for you to take into your church or group. We can send this to you digitally (to print) or hard copy versions in the post.

View the Nepal Prayer points bulletin.


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